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Meet The Artist

Hi! 👋🏻 My name is Stela, or Steluna online. I am a freelance artist and illustrator with a wide range of passions. 😊

Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, I moved to the UK to attend Arts University Bournemouth, where I graduated with a First Class Honours BA Degree in Illustration in 2020.

I love drawing bendy people with wobbly limbs, using bright colours and creating worlds with fun, busy compositions. My style is very playful and I believe suitable to brighten serious topics. I would love to talk about social and environmental issues with my work in a light way that brings awareness and curiosity. 

I am interested in working on educational projects for children and teens,  as well as editorial and advertising projects.

My process for creating illustrations begins with brainstorming and rough sketching on my iPad. This is my favourite part because I get to explore ways to bring the client's or my own ideas to life and try out new things. Once I have a solid idea, I create cleaner sketches, choose suitable colours and add textures in Procreate or Photoshop.

To complete a piece, I always add small details and ornaments. Sometimes, I add animation to make a piece even more eye-catching.

If you would like to chat about a project you have in mind, please send me an email at, I’d love to hear from you! 😊

Check out my social media accounts below for my most recent work and a glimpse of my life! ✨

Portrait of Stela Bonova, the artist behind Steluna. The girl is sitting behind a table flipping through a magazine. Her hair is dark brown with pink tips. There are plants surrounding her. The illustrator is smiling.
An animated gif illustration of a stylized self portrait.
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