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A small publication I created on food for people trying to have a more sustainable diet. My goal was to create heartwarming scenes of characters getting together and enjoying food while also mentioning the main groups of food that are essential to everyone. 


A flip-through the zine is available on issuu.

Created for my Major Project at Arts University Bournemouth, level 6. 2020

food zine table.jpg
Milk Alternatives - almond milk, oat milk, sweet and unsweetened
Couple having breakfast, illustration on milk alternatives, full background illustration
Nuts and Seeds, essential foods, peanut butter, salad dressing, spot illustartion
editorial food illustration of nuts, seeds, coffee, drinks
full illustration of a couple having snacks and a dog, editorial illustration of characters
spot illustrations of food, vegetarial alternatives for sasuages, ham, chicken like tofu and mycoprotein
Full background editorial illustration of a character, man eating a vegetarian burger
spot illustration vegetables mushrooms greens potatoes spinach avocado onion tomatoes garlic cauliflowe broccoli cucumber veggie burgers
illustration of family having dinner french onion soup dinner table illustration pattern editorial full background art
comic of a woman making french onion soup cutting onions funny illustration
editorial spot illustration of herbs and spices - curry, salt, pepper, basil, corriander, cilantro, nutritional yeast
man taking care of plant herbs basil editorial illustration
editorial spot illustration of fruits, desert, apples, pie, mango, smooties, citruses snacks food illustration
food illustration smoothie recipe editorial art baby food banana apple apricot peach milk food illustration
editorial full background illustration baby and mother mum feeding kid with baby food expressive characters art fruits
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